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Augmented Reality Clothing FAQ

How it AR t-shirts work

My question is about ordering/payment/tracking/cancelling/returning a product from Augmented Reality Fashions

We use Printfection to create and ship our t-shirts, please refer to their FAQ and contact them directly. Sorry, we cannot help with these enquiries.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (or AR) is the process of displaying digitally rendered images onto our real-world surroundings, giving a sense of an illusion or virtual reality. Recent developments have made this technology accessible using a smartphone. Our friends at onvert™ explain more: What is Augmented Reality?

What is onvert?

Onvert is a way of displaying 3D images and sound within a smart phone based on a unique tag. It combines QR codes with Augmented Reality to provide the most dramatic designs available yet doesn't require any programming making it the most accessible way of using the technology.

How do the t-shirts/aprons/mousemats/laptop cases work?

Whenever you see the onvert name, start your onvert app, read the unique code by pointing your phone at the little black and white boxes on the item, and then at the full design - easy! You will then see the 3D content, hear the sound or music and read the information. Should you wish to, you can then follow the link to the applicable website.

Where can I download the onvert viewer app?

Smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS can install the onvert viewer app by opening Google Play or the App Store and searching for "onvert viewer".

How much does the app cost?

Nothing. The onvert app is free to download and there is no restriction on the number of times you can view an item or the number of items you can scan.

Each onvert requires a small amount of data (about as large as a web page) to be downloaded which mobile operators may charge depending on an individual's contract. Please refer to your mobile network for details on data charges.

What devices are supported by the onvert viewer?

The onvert viewer app requires a smartphone or tablet with a camera. The app is available for iPhone 3 and iPad 2 or better and smartphones and tablets running Android operating systems Gingerbread or newer. If your phone has insufficient memory or processor speed onvert may not run or will run very slowly.

Best advice is to download the free app now and try scanning some of the designs.

If you experience problems, please let us know, including details of any errors, your device and OS.

Why is my device not supported?

As onvert is a new system it uses some the latest technology to achieve the experience. Some phones do not have the correct facilities to run the app, or enough processing capability to display onverts correctly. The good news is that as handsets improve, onvert will become available to more people.

Can you make me a bespoke t-shirt?

Certainly - get in touch and let us know your requirements and design so we can work things out with you.