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Now you can print your own clothing!

Home Printing

To print at home, simply choose the design you want (we have put 2 on each sheet to save space), print using an inkjet onto "iron-on transfer paper", cut out the desired design and carefully iron onto your garment using the manufacturer's instructions.

Local T Shirt Printing

If you would like to have them printed by a local T-Shirt printing company, let them know which design you are interested in and they can produce them for any light coloured garment for you.

Please note that artwork is supplied in reverse ready for transfer printing.

Create Your Own 3D Clothing

Would you like to design your own 3D clothing? Head over to onvert.com.

Choosing the Correct Size

A4 and A5 are international paper sizes - see conversions. A4 is suitable for adult t-shirts, and A5 for smaller items of clothing.

Legal notice

Customers are welcome to use the images supplied under free licence but retail and re-sale are prohibited.

For all commercial enquiries, please contact us.